by John Lee

Over 215 million people today are considered migrants, 3.15 percent of a world population nudging seven billion — data beautifully visualized on a website called, which tracks on one dynamic page all the population outflows and inflows for every county on the planet.

So, naturally we turn first to Ireland, where one click traces the emigrations of 736,889 of Ireland’s 4,622,917 people. For 422,569 the journey wasn’t too far, just to the U.K. Another 137,537 Irish went to the USA, the world’s top destination for world migration. Australia drew over 63,000 from Ireland, Canada just over 26,000. The rest of the top 10 destinations from Ireland were in western Europe, plus New Zealand. But the Irish also found their way to new lives in Bolivia, Iceland, Japan, Turkey and so many other lands around the globe….to read the rest of this post, please go to Huffington Post Media