Fri., Sept 30 through Sun. Oct. 2, 2011 

IFNY: a weekend of the best in contemporary Irish Cinema


What: Irish Film New York (IFNY) brings the best in contemporary Irish filmmaking to New York University’s Cantor Film Center for a three-day, six-film screening series.

The mix of four dramatic films and two documentaries kicks off Friday at 8 pm with Knuckle, a visceral look at the violent world of bare-knuckle boxing among Ireland’s Traveler community, opening in theatres in December of 2011. HBO is adapting the documentary into a new drama series. IFNY continues with two films Sat., and three on Sun. Each film will be followed by a Q&A with key participants.


Who: Filmmaker Niall McKay created Irish Film New York after success with similar events in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  In addition to documentaries Knuckle and Pyjama Girls, IFNY includes feature films 32A starring Aidan Quinn, Parked with Colm Meaney,, Sorcerer with Domhnall Gleeson of Harry Potter and True Grit and Weeds star Demián Bichir in The Runway.



·   Fri., Sept. 30, 4PM  Industry panel on contemporary Irish Cinema with IFNY filmmakers (free)

·   Fri., Sept. 30  6PM  Reception at Glucksman Ireland House (for invited guests and media)

·   Fri., Sept. 30  8PM          Knuckle  Q&A: Boxer James Quinn McDoonagh & director Ian Palmer

·   Sat., Oct. 1   6PM           32A  Q&A: Actor Aidan Quinn & Writer/Director Marian Quinn

·   Sat., Oct. 1   8PM            The Runway  Q&A: Writer/Director Ian Power

·   Sun., Oct. 2  4PM              Pyjama Girls Q&A editor Paul Rowley

·   Sun., Oct. 2  6PM          Parked, Q&A: Writer/Director Darragh Byrne

·   Sun., Oct. 2  8 PM           Sensation, Q&A: Director Tom Hall

Where: All films screen at NYU Cantor Film Center, at 36 East 8th St, New York, NY 10003.  The Friday 4 PM panel will be at Dean's Conference Room, 12 Floor, NYU Tisch School of Arts, 721 Broadway, NY NY, 10003.  (The 6 PM reception for invited guests & media is at NYU Glucksman Ireland House, 1 Washington Mews, NY, NY)


Story elements: The first Irish Film New York…IFNY is a David going up against NY Film Fest’s Goliath…organizer Niall McKay offers the do’s and don’t’s of creating a niche film festival on no budget….bare-knuckle Boxer James Quinn McDoonagh and director Ian Palmer discuss their violent world…Aidan Quinn on coming of age…and working for his sister.


For more information, schedule & tickets go to http://www.irishfilmnyc.com



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