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  • Baseball’s debt to a Gaelic game: learning about the GAA during the ALCS  How do you say, “Play Ball!" In Irish?  A recent web surf turned up this internet factoid: “Baseball was probably derived from Rounders, a game played in Ireland since the fifteenth century.” I hate to admit it, but this was news to me…
In the MEDIA PINGS section…
  • Bizarre Media Note of the Day: critic Andrew O'Hehir found something Nazi in the new Disney family flick “Secretariat,” writing “in its totality "Secretariat" is a work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl.” Roger Ebert fired right back. Even Rush Limbaugh has weighed-in! 
  • Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan puts the media on notice? 
  • Music is in the mix for the Oct. 18 Eugene O’Neill Award
  • Follow-up to the post on Irish “hand dancers” Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding 
  • Ex-Riverdancer Chris Naish’s latest guerrilla performance art project
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