Ideas good, great, off-beat and down-to-earth presented by entrepreneurs in 60 sec. soundbites to an overflow energized crowd at last night’s Ultra Light Startups in the NYC offices of Sun Microsystems.

Ultra Light Startups about to, well, start-up

Ultra Light Startups about to, well, start-up...

I presented for on behalf Allan Hoving ( who first developed the concept 12 years ago.  The technology to make the site work wasn’t available then, but is now in the form of Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites.  The basic idea is for the site to present a news topic of the day, to aggregate commentary on the topic for a variety of social media sites, and then to “add value above the social layer” and bring resolution to the day’s discussion when’s producers create a nightly video summary and analysis of the topic and the conversation around it,and in doing  so pull together diverse social media threads into a common shared experience.  Then the next day’s topic would be announced.
Some people listening to my minute long riff  “got it,” others less so.
Good discussion of PR for this sector followed.  I especially liked a comment of Trylon PR head LLoyd Trufelman: “PR is jazz–improvised.  Advertising is classical music….arranged controlled.”
Maybe that explains why I signed-up for PR.
(see video of the “PR, Branding & Buzz” at  For more on the evening go to
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What it the frequency, Kenneth?

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