Six months ago I dove in.

Had my toe in previously, on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but the time had come to dive in to digital media.

I’ve been going to so many media, social media, digital media seminars and panels that I’m seeing more of Rachel Sklar than I am of my wife…Personal Democracy Forum, Mediabistro Circus, social media week, Internet week, television week, Sobel Media seminars, PR week, Web 2.0 Expo, Web TV Toolbox, NY Biz Expo, NYTV Meet-up, PR Camp, and many more on and off the NYC media grid.

Webinars, too.

I dove into a sea of words–buzzwords, jargon, words of art, acronyms, tech terms, elegantly descriptive coinages, and just wee bit of bafflegab.

I’ve been tweeting them along the way, but here are a few, mixed-in with a few other #WordsHeard along the way:

disintermediated, auto-generated metadata, commoditive, bafflegab, micro-celebrity, omathon, ideation, paranoid groupuscule, traghetti, media ping, Harry & Louise, wingnuttery, widgitize, monetize, pre-chewed, fronton, Doofensmirtz, evil zinc ray-inator, bed of Procrustes, architected, nomenclator, scale, scaled, scale up, scalable, scalable, scalable, catastrophic success, lumpy practitioners, downmodding, pharyngula, autopoietic, anarcho-syndicalism, Baratunde, meh, nonk, paid content, opacity agenda, pre-decisional, “so…”(the new opening word when a panelist responds to a question) purple issue, bleeding edge, hydroplanning, viderate, adhocracy, ground truth, smencilized, BIG LAUNDRY, digital immigrants, digital natives, mobiling, social diagnostic, digital embassy, crowd generated taxonomy, busking, black art, curation, buzz metrics, blogslurper, tweetslurp, art jumping, affordance, frontpaged, earlyvangelist, distribution arbitrage, webkinz, web-native, distribution arbitrage, platform agnostic, nascent, squidoo, pastrami salmon, contextually relevant, shiny object syndrome, oy vey, slacktivism, groupon, gravatar, distress strategies, power asymmetries, contagious yawning, kefuffle, long tail, fat tail, robust frameworks, black swan, baked-in, static benchmarking, risk engineering, robustify (yes, I said robustify)  praegustator, collaborative technology, transformative, economic jiu-jitsu, full-throated atmospherics, wiki-government, dumpster-diving, alignment,sector, space,branding, advocacy, trustmark, Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern, whuffie factor, veracity, deconstructed, global,community, truicear cosmach, right brain homophily, anocracies, panopticaon, sunrise provision, secret sauce, qiking, servant leadership, excellence reflex, acid reflux, phatic, parasocial, tummling, flow, out-groups, mutual media, wysiwyg, Perry the Platypus.

And did I say scalable?

Then let me leave you with “conversation around the brand.”

See you after the Q & A!

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