“New York was always the center of music for me. New York was Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, The Clancy Brothers, The Velvet Underground, Television, CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City. And right from the start with Black 47 we concentrated on creating our own scene. We didn’t give a damn about playing anyone else’s. Because that’s not New York to us.

“…tourists gawl where pimps once prowled”

You come to Connolly’s, you’re in our hands. We’re New Yorkers. We’re not trying to be anything else. We’re in the center of Times Square. They may have changed the lights, the architecture ,tourists gawl where pimps once prowled – all gone now but we’re still right at the core of the beating heart of Emerald City. When you enter that door on the third floor of Connolly’s and fork over your ten bucks, we’ll turn your Saturday night head over heels.

That’s what we do. That’s why we’re Black 47. That’s why we’ve played damned near every Saturday night over the last twenty years moments away from where the ball drops without ever repeating a set.

See you at Connolly’s!”

Larry Kirwan, Black 47

BLACK 47 will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in four consecutive Saturday night gigs (Nov. 21/28 & Dec. 5/12)

at Connolly’s KLUB 45, 121 W 45th St., NYC

Prices rolled back to 1989 level–$10. Order tickets at http://www.black47.com